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China petrochemical import high sulphur

Source:sinopec   click:29514   TIME:2011-01-07

   2010 China petrochemical import high sulphur crude oil manufactured breakthrough 70 million tons, a year-on-year growth 17%. According to the annual average price calculation, high sulfur accumulative reducing oil purchasing cost 7.5 billion yuan. Meanwhile, the successful development of a batch of low quality crude processing technology, improving the inferior crude processing adaptability, to enhance the ability of energy for laid a foundation.

   As we have learned, current global crude average quality for API32.2 and sulfur 1.2%, is expected to 2020 crude average quality API reduce 0.5, sulfur, future new rising 0.05% crude oil resources mainly for high sulfur heavy oil, processing high crude oil will be the future of inferior oil refining trend. "11th five-year plan" period, according to international crude constantly inferior turn of actual, sinopec speed device adaptability transformation, sour crude manufactured double $90 million tons, with an average annual increase capacity of more than 700 million tons.

   China petrochemical processing crude oil (sulfur victory for many years, high acid value high), accumulated the rich inferior oil processing production operation and management experience and combining the special properties of the inferior oil, the successful development of a batch of pertinence and its operatibility oil processing technologies, such as highly sour crude oil directly into the catalytic cracking unit processing technology, solved already highly sour crude corrosion problem, also shortens the machining processes and increase the economic benefit.

   The sulfur content of crude oil, acid value increment and refining technology and device put forward higher request. China petrochemical actively adjusting device structure, "11th five-year plan" period end, hydrogenation in size, number has become the main device refining, satisfied the oil quality upgrading needs and ascension inferior crude processing adaptability. "1025" period, sinopec will continue to promote hydrogenation construction and make good use of each drop of oil resources, satisfy social growing oil demand. (RenNingNing)

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