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Come and settled down in sichuan world 5

Source:sinopec   click:18400   TIME:2010-11-03

    The investment promotion meeting yesterday came news to settled down in sichuan, the world top 500 enterprises in 2002, by 63 increased to this year‘s house of 156 home, one of the actual investment of more than 100. Last year in the utilization of foreign capital general decline situation, our province contrarian growth, reached 40 billion dollars. Domestic outside the capital in 2002 for 186 million yuan, 2009 breakthrough 4000 billion yuan, achieve 4056 billion yuan.

   Provincial investment promotion bureau says, in our province, introduce domestic capital proportion of more than 60% of industrial, industrial sustentations obvious enhancement. 2009 signing a new project average size of 9651 million yuan, the investment of 1 billion yuan of above the performance project 2501 a, in place money 3101 billion yuan, accounting for total investment 76.3%. 2009 and introduction of new already the performance of 10 billion yuan of above major projects, and the gross investment reached 103 different 2453 billion yuan, in place money 417 billion yuan. Last year in our province, Yangtze river delta and introduce bohai sea pearl river delta capital 2677 billion yuan, up improving 1.2 percentage points.

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