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Optimize energy structure

    China petrochemical to reduce resource and energy consumption as the goal, promoting the optimization and upgrading of industrial structure, try hard to form a "low investment, low consumption and low emission, efficient" ways of development.

   Adjust the industrial structure, promote the upgrading of the industrial structure

   Through the backward productivity, strengthen the capacity and technical reformation, request new refinery project energy material consumptions reach the international advanced level, sinopec refinery technical and economic indexes upbeat.

   Since 2005, China petrochemical against a group of small scale, material consumptions high energy consumption and environmental pollution, safety hazard question prominent small refinery, small chemical shut implementation measures to accelerate elimination of backward technology, technology, equipment, using new craft, new techniques and new equipment, actively promote the adjustment and upgrading of industrial structure. Meanwhile, through to the key enterprise implementation of oil refining industry technical transformation, promoted the device scale bigness and intensive, improving the refining enterprise of concentration.

   From 2005 to 2009, the refinery average size from 515 million tons/year raised to 705 tons/year, Ethylene production 555 tons/year from increased to 729 million tons/year.

   Vigorously to save energy, enhancing the efficiency of energy utilization

   Energy-saving at present stage is to reduce carbon emissions is the most direct, the most effective means. China petrochemical attaches great importance to energy conservation issues, persisting the development and save simultaneously, saving priority policy, strive to build a resource-conserving enterprise.

   Increasing investment, fully implement energy conservation and emission reduction key projects. 2005-2009 China petrochemical arrangement of energy saving and emission reduction of project investment 14.5 billion yuan. Oilfield plate with emphasis allocate special energy-saving or energy consumption related projects. Refinery plate key support low-temperature thermal utilization projects, device hot joint material feeding programs, decompression deep drawn project, hydrogen resources optimizing technical measures and coking plant absorption stable reconstruction scheme. Chemical plate key popularized and implementation of ethylene cracking furnace air preheating technique and twisted piece strengthen heat transfer technology, promote optimizing process, equipment modification and low temperature waste heat utilization.

   Increased energy-saving technology development work dynamics and energy-saving technologies to popularize strength. Technological innovation is the enterprise energy conservation work progress continuously. China petrochemical constantly increased energy-saving technical strength, energy-saving, safe environmental protection, independent innovation technology from 2007 23 key vastly improved by 2009 40 items, and comprehensive promotion listed in the national development and reform commission key popularized eight mature energy-saving technology.

   2005-2009, China petrochemical crude oil output, crude oil manufactured increase year by year, but the production process of energy consumption, material consumptions but year after year decreased obviously. Yuan output comprehensive energy consumption from 2005 0.91 tons BiaoMei dropped by 2009 BiaoMei 0.77 tons (2005), accumulate computation constant prices lower 15.38%, saving the equivalent of BiaoMei 1327 tons, Oil and gas production, refining 8.54% comprehensive energy consumption drop down respectively, ethylene comprehensive energy consumption 8.23% comprehensive energy consumption decline, thermoelectric power consumption 3.86%; enterprise dropped Million new water consumption of 9.3% output decline.

   Development of low carbon energy, optimize energy structure

   China petrochemical actively develop alternative energy and new energy, energy structure optimization and perfection. Has basically formed, including technical development, industrial production and sales in more complete renewable and alternative energy business industrial chain.

   Efforts to improve the gas production and imports. In coal, oil, natural gas, natural gas in three fossil carbon heat than (which produce units that discharge carbon dioxide) calorific value of minimum. Therefore, China petrochemical is speeding up its "sichuan west-east gas send" project construction, and also in grasp LNG receiving terminal construction, actively organize LNG imports.

   Cooperative development coalbed methane. China petrochemical CBM geology resources with 11 billion cubic meters, the recoverable amount 375 million cubic meters, potential. Is to set up representative offices, increase exploration and development dynamics, cooperative development coalbed methane.

   Explore geothermal resources commercial application. China petrochemical 2000 to geothermal energy development and exploration, October 2006, China petrochemical company subordinate nova and Iceland luyuan geothermal resources cooperation company, to scale and industrialization development and utilization. Until the end of 2009, has successfully open xianyang, martial arts and XiongXian market, geothermal development initial scale. Built heating ability more than 200 million square metre, realize heating area of 160 million square meters.


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