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ZhaoZong speech

    Ladies and gentlemen, ladies and gentlemen:

    Today, I am honored as sinopec sichuan petroleum chemical industry Co., LTD. The shareholders‘ meeting or the general manager appointed by the board attend company was inaugurated.

    Establishment of the company, condensing sinopec leadership, provincial and municipal leaders at all levels, social from all walks of life friend‘s care and help and support. Let me take this opportunity, on behalf of the company all staff to company shareholder meeting, board of directors, sinopec leadership, provinces and cities to all levels of leaders, the social from all walks of life friend solemnly promises:

    I will lead the company all staff, scrupulously abide by "the good faith, the standard, high efficiency and innovation" service concept, Adhering to the "create value, winning respect" business purpose, According to company planning diligently, cautious and conscientious work, to complete the company to achieve the target but work hard to struggle.

    Take this opportunity to thank you again for sinopec leadership, provincial and municipal leaders and friends from all walks of today‘s presence. And sincerely hope that the company‘s future development to get everyone as following let the care, help and support.

                                                                            Thank you all.

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