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    China petroleum and chemical corporation (Sinopec Group) abbreviation is July 1998 national in the original China petroleum and chemical corporation was established based on restructuring of large petrochemical enterprise Group, is a state-owned company solely by the state, the state authorized investment institutions and state holding company. China petrochemical group company registered capital 1306 billion yuan, general manager for the legal representative, headquartered in Beijing.

    China petrochemical group company for its wholly owned enterprise, holding enterprise, shareholding enterprises of relevant state-owned assets exercise benefits from its assets, such as making important decisions, choose managers of investors in power, according to the state-owned assets management, management and supervision, and bear corresponding euterprises responsibility. China petrochemical group company holding China petrochemical corporation, successively in October 2000 and 2001 in August in overseas domestic issued H stocks and A shares, and separately in Hong Kong and New York, London and Shanghai listed. At present, China petrochemical corporation‘s total equity 867 million shares, sinopec, capital account for 75.84% holdings occupies 19.35%, domestic public accounts for 4.81%.

    China petrochemical corporation‘s main business scope includes: industrial investment and investment management, Oil and gas exploration and mining and transportation (including pipeline transport), sales and comprehensive utilization; The petroleum refining; Gasoline, kerosene, diesel wholesale, Petrochemical and other chemical products production, sale, storage, transportation, The exploration of petroleum, petrochemical engineering design, construction, construction and installation, Petroleum and petrochemical equipment maintenance maintenance; Electrical and mechanical equipment manufacturing; Technology and information, alternative energy product research, development, application and consulting services; Self-conduct and agent all kinds of goods and technology import and export (state limited companies or prohibit the import and export of goods and technologies except).

    China petrochemical group company of the fortune global 500 year 2009 ranked the first seven.

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